Silicone Spatula Heat-Resistant Spatula -Non-Stick Design

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A quality silicone spatula is Chef Seis' favorite tool to use when cooking. The silicone spatula is perfect for stirring and mixing ingredients without damaging their form. Heat resistant, Chef Seis finds that the silicone spatula is superior to metal spatulas because it protects chefs and home cooks from burns as they rush from station to station.  This sleek design adds elegance and functionality to your kitchen. The silicone spatula makes the perfect wedding gift for newlyweds, or gift for home cooks and chefs for any occasion. 

 Item Description:

·    Material:Silicone

·    Color: available in Black or Red

·    SizeLarge Silicone Spatula:27*5.5cm

        Small Silicone Spatula21*4cm

·    Item TypeSilicone Spatula

·    Quantity2 pcs

·    Weight133g

·    BrandComzendle


·    Premium solid-silicone spatulas won’t harbor bacteria or let you down by melting or warping.

·    FDA-grade silicone is safety-tested, heat resistant up to 480°F, and guaranteed 100% BPA-free.

Package Included:

·    1 x Large Silicone Spatula

·    1 x Small Silicone Spatula