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Welcome to ego coquo ergo sum.  I am Chef Seis Kamimura and I started developing this lifestyle brand in early 2017. 

I see food as an art and so in many ways I see myself as an artist.  I've been sketching designs and logos related to chef culture and decided to take that creative outlet and develop a t-shirt and hoodie line. Ego Coquo Ergo Sum is Latin and translates into I cook, therefore I am.

The phrase came to me one day and I was inspired to use Latin because it is a root language.  Similarly, cooking is root language for me and something that grounds and unites all of humanity.  

The imagery that I use in my designs is inspired by chef culture which is very personal to me.  But I think and hope that it translates to a wide audience that encompasses chefs but also foodies and anyone who is inspired by food and the traditions surrounding it.

You'll see that I use the blue in a few of my designs. The rooster is a symbol of food in many cultures and it is synonymous with French culinary tradition which is where my training began.  The rooster  is inked the arms of many chefs, notably the late great Paul Bocuse.  

Some of my best childhood memories are of working with my family at my Dad's small Japanese grocery store in Mamaroneck, NY. Since that time I've always enjoyed working with people and sought creative outlets where I could bring my passion for food to a more public forum.  

So, I invite you to join the ego coquo movement and I hope that you find in these designs something that speaks to you. I'll continue to create more of the designs that I have in my head and my heart and curate a list of products for the kitchen that I believe in and know will enhance your cooking experience.


Chef Seis


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