Staying In + Creativity in the Kitchen

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Staying In + Creativity in the Kitchen

The spread of COVID-19 brings with it some anxiety, and long days spent at home as school days, plays, and concerts are cancelled. Our little team at Ego Coquo wishes all of you, our customers and readers, a safe and happy time as we navigate through this emergency situation together. We're offering a few feel good items to celebrate the coming spring and to keep you entertained and engaged with our online community during this time.

  • Shop: From now through April 1st, we're giving 20% off on all your I Cook Therefore I am orders.  Just enter the code SPRING at check out.
  • Cook: Chef Seis will be sharing recipes at Chef Seis through out the week to help inspire creativity in the kitchen.  Making the most of meal time and experimenting with new snacks, cocktails and baking is a great way to refocus and balance the positive energy of staying in.
  • Engage: We love hearing from you! Whether it's to share what you're up to in the kitchen, feedback on our products, or your new adventures--where do you like to travel, what are you reading/listening/watching?--we want to get to know you better.  Follow Chef Seis on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram and let us know more about you. Staying in doesn't mean being isolated.  Let's make our community stronger!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy spring!


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