International Coffee Day

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Happy International Cofee Day! 

The liquid gold of chefs, foodies, and explorers everywhere.  Cheers to the tasty beverage that gets us up and going. To celebrate International Cofee Day we suggest the following.

International Coffee Day Sale

What better way to celebrate International Coffee Day than by adding a new coffee mug to your home collection?  We're offering 20% Off of our Blue Rooster I Cook Therefore I am: Matte Black Magic Coffee Mug.  Enter Discount Code: COFFEE at checkout. This mug makes a great gift so why not buy one and give one!

International Coffee Day Watch

Check out this Harvard Study on the Health Benefits of Coffee.  Enjoying one to two cups of coffee a day can work wonders! 


International Coffee Day Reads

Chef Seis takes you on a journey through the coffee scene in NYC giving reviews and tips on where to go for fit the coffee experience you crave! Follow the NYC COFFEE GUIDE  and the first city for Chef Seis' new International Coffee Guide, the TORONTO COFFEE GUIDE.  



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